Import Elastic COBOL Projects along with their Compiler/Runtime settings

The Elastic COBOL IDE allows the user to import previously created Elastic COBOL projects and their compiler/runtime settings if needed.  

Use the "File/Import..." Or right click and select the "Import..." menu. From the Select dialog, expand the COBOL category and select the "Elastic COBOL Project Import Wizard" as shown below.


This should bring up the first page of the import wizard. This page is similar to the Java project import wizard. Use the "Browse..." buttons to select the root directory containing your project or the archive file that contains your project and then select the projects you wish to import as shown below.


At this point if the user does not wish to import the compiler/runtime settings, they can click the "Finish" button. 

To import the settings click on the "Next" button. Refer fig below


Elastic COBOL project compiler/settings are stored in the containing workspace settings files. This dialog allows the user to specify the workspace location for each project that you wish to import settings for. One can specify the imported projects folder as the workspace location for all the projects or individually click on the table item for each project and specify the location. Leave as blank if you do not wish to import the compiler/runtime settings for a particular project.

Click "Finish" to begin the import. Once the project/s and their settings have been imported, the user will be prompted if they wish to rebuild the project/s with the newly imported settings.

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