Elastic Scheduling Platform (ESP)

The new Heirloom Computing Elastic Scheduling Platform (ESP) is available through the portal and dashboard. The scheduler is designed to run your batch jobs in the Enterprise Legacy Platform-as-a-Service, your on-premise servers or in other private or public clouds.  The Cloud Scheduler works with the Heirloom Computing Elastic Batch Platform (EBP).

  • New Heirloom Dashboard "portlets" are now available:  
    • EBP Class definition
    • Batch Job definition
    • Task creation
    • Job History calendar and viewer
  • Define batch windows in which to run your overnight jobs 
  • Have the scheduler start Heirloom instances containing your batch applications or open up initiators to run certain types of jobs on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly schedule
  • The scheduler will power off the cloud instances (or quiesce an on-premise JES) when the batch window closes
  • Batch job output reports are automatically sent to the cloud where they can be viewed from the portal even if the application instances that produced them are no longer running
Also announced is the exit of the Job Entry Subsystem from the Early Adopter Program.  JES is now generally available.  Contact to sign up for a subscription for on-prem usage of JCL.  JES is included with every Heirloom cloud-based subscription.
For more information on the ESP and EBP, see the Forum section of the same name.

ESP is also available as part of Heirloom Private Edition, a way to build out your own "mainframe in a cloud" within your datacenter.  Contact for more info.

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