ETP Upgraded to EJB v3

The Elastic Transaction Platform has been upgraded to use the Enterprise Java Bean v3 interface as of Elastic COBOL v13.7.24 and later.  You can continue to deploy your existing .ear files into JEE application servers.  But, once you upgrade your compiler to current or later version you will have to change existing ETP projects to use the new EJB interface mappings.  

On existing Elastic Transaction Platform projects replace the Java EE > Jar > META-INF > ejb-jar.xml file with the one attached to this article.  New Elastic Transaction Platform projects will get the new file.

EJB v3 allows CICS Distributed Program Link (DPL) to work with the latest JEE Application Servers such as Geronimo 3.0.

If you do not upgrade your ejb-jar.xml file you are likely to see this error during deployment: of your ear:



The message contains "ERROR java.lang.RuntimeException: LTPSYSL_init" and "ERROR [validation] ERROR ... null: Cannot validate jar: LTPSYSL_init".

Note:  Clean your project so it rebuilds after the update of the compiler and ejb-jar.xml file.

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