Elastic COBOL 18.12 Released

New version 18.12 of Elastic COBOL has been released.  Elastic COBOL is the compiler, IDE, debugger and testing environment for transpiling enterprise COBOL applications into Java and deploying them into the Elastic Transaction Platform or Elastic Batch Platform or the Heirloom Platform-as-a-Service.

Elastic COBOL is distributed as an Eclipse Plug-in.  Use Check for Updates under the Eclipse Help menu to update a previous version of the Elastic COBOL plug-in.  If this is the first time update of Eclipse Elastic COBOL plug-in you may need to use Heirloom Eclipse Update Site.  To add the Elastic COBOL plug-in to new installations of Eclipse, follow instructions on the Heirloom Download site.  After Eclipse install you can use ecobol from the command line or as part of a continuous integration build process.

Features added and issues resolved in v18.12:

  • Elastic IMS-DB - DBDGEN / PSBGEN utilities within Elastic Transaction Platform runtime library etrans.jar invoked by EBP built-in utilities of the same name have been updated with new features. 

Features added and issues resolved in v18.4:

  • Drag 'n' Drop Installation - login to the Heirloom Download site (Download tab) install Eclipse Interactive Development Environment and then drag and drop the Install icon onto an open Eclipse window.

Features added and issues resolved in v17.9:

  • COBOL Data Batch Transform - Create data conversion templates and use them to transform a large number of data files from one form (e.g., IBM mainframe physical sequential variable blocked) to another (e.g., Elastic COBOL VDB) with the COBOL Batch Transform.
  • Record and File Editor - Edit data within files from the Eclipse environment with the COBOL File Editor
  • Modernize CICS Transactions - Using Angular 2 front-ends to CICS transactions in the Elastic Transaction Platform 
  • Modernize CICS Transactions - Amazon Alexa front-ends to CICS transactions in the Elastic Transaction Platform 
  • Ticket #2910 - CICS EIB Block address-ability in unique situations
  • Ticket #2906 - Configuring system-wide TS/TD message queues.


Issues resolved in v17.2:

  • VDB File System - ETP READ NEXT / READ PREVIOUS operations resilient to START comparators GTEQ, EQUAL, LTEQ, GT, LT.  Direction changes (NEXT to PREVIOUS, PREVIOUS to NEXT) at key boundaries correctly simulates COBOL I/O file pointer.
  • ETP File I/O - Corrected for files (EC, MF, Acu, VDB) for STARTBR and READ NEXT / READ PREVIOUS direction changes.


Features added and issues resolved in v16.11:

  • VDB File System - VSAM Transparency Mode for record-oriented access performance improvements; split-key support (Ticket#2716); REWRITE after WRITE with duplicate key error failed to commit transaction with auto-commit (Transactional VSAM) off (Ticket#2746); RANDOM READ with alternate key problem (Ticket#2628)
  • Acu File System - Record corrupted after WRITE (Ticket#2734); alternate key READ causes out-of-bounds exception (Ticket#2725)
  • ETP - CICS STARTBR with alternate key configuration (Ticket#2745); MF SX BMS screen compatibility (Ticket#2778)

Features added in v16.8:

  • ASCII Screens - Support for CURSES (TERMCAP) capabilities for various vendor-specific COBOL GUI screen extensions on non-bitmap displays
  • Elastic IMS DB for ETP - Elastic Deploy Settings editor and Elastic Deployment Wizard support for DL/I calls from within Elastic Transaction Platform transactions.
  • Elastic IMS DB for EBP - Runtime support for DL/I calls that store and retrieve IMS DB data into VDB, ISAM files from Elastic Batch Platform batch jobs.

Features added in v16.6:

Features added in v16.4:

  • Data File Editor - From within the Eclipse IDE look at and change any of the supported data files (e.g., Elastic COBOL file format, Micro Focus IDX 3, 8, VSQL keyed files in column-oriented DB tables, VDB keyed files in row-oriented DB tables)

Features added in v15.12:

  • Content Assist - Create applications faster in the Eclipse IDE
  • CICS Channels and Containers - LINK among transactions and programs with larger data areas with this CICS "named COMMAREA" type of concept


To upgrade Elastic COBOL:

  • Eclipse > Help > Check For Updates

To install Elastic COBOL:

To install to an "overnight" or the most recent build (suggested for customers who have submitted tickets):

Note:  Due to Eclipse OOMPH issue, clear your cache or pre-installed plugins

rm $HOME/.eclipse/org.eclipse/oomph.p2/cache/*

See the Getting Started Guide for more information.  Register and get a licensed copy of Elastic COBOL either for your desktop or to run in the cloud at

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    Updated August 5, 2016

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