How to register for the Elastic COBOL Enterprise Developer (Bronze) product

The first step is for everybody who will use the product(s)  to sign up at

On the top right of is a 'sign in' button, click that to get to the login page:



The login page has options for both existing and new users, as a new user you are interested in the right hand side:



Now click the link that says 'sign up to get your Elastic COBOL IDE in minutes!' and the login form will appear:


Fill in the form that appears and then when you receive the email confirmation, click the link in it.
You'll then be able to return to, click the sign in button and sign in using the email and password you provided. 

From there you can click the subscribe button for the Elastic COBOL Enterprise Developer (Bronze) product:



When that completes (A few seconds) you'll be able to click the download link and download a copy of the product for various platforms:


You will have been sent a license file with instructions on how to use it via email. 
If you lose it, you can get a new one by clicking the email link next to the product line.

Once you unpack the product and run Eclipse you should click Help->Check for updates in the Eclipse menu and get the very latest version of the product. This will take a few minutes to complete.

We have all the documentation for the product(s) on our helpdesk here:

You can also use the helpdesk to submit bug reports or questions - the entire team will see those so it's the best way of communicating with us and will ensure your issues are tracked and resolved successfully. You can use the same email and password you used to register at to log into the helpdesk.

The getting started guide will give you a great overview of the product and technology and can be found here:



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