Elastic COBOL Public Interfaces

Elastic COBOL contains a number of public Java interfaces that can be used when writing Java code to integrate with the generated Java from the Elastic COBOL compiler.  For example, when your Java class methods are invoked from Elastic COBOL generated Java, COBOL parameters are passed as Objects with the IDatatype interface.  Resource access control for Elastic Batch Platform and Elastic Transaction Platform is provided by the RAC module (a default module is distributed with those products following the JAAS standard) but you can replace this with one of your own following the IRAC interface. 

A Javadoc description of the Java interfaces are available here,


This API specification is also available as a Javadoc zip which can be integrated into Eclipse to get context sensitive help while writing Java code to these interfaces.  See How to ... Install the Elastic COBOL Javadoc into Eclipse for more information.

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