Cloud Summary Portlet

The Cloud Summary Portlet of the Heirloom Dashboard provides an overview of your group's status. Access the Heirloom Dashboard through > Sign In > Dashboard.  This portlet provides information for you and your group (if you've been designated a group administrator of your group)


The information provided is variable and dependent upon your subscription.  The following totals are displayed:

  • User IDs - The number of users in your group.  Detail information is available with the User ID Portlet.
  • Instances - The number of cloud application instances that are running, paused, starting, stopped or recently terminated.
  • Volumes - Represents the total number of persistent data volumes (files and databases) under your control.
  • Backups - Backup "tapes" are taken automatically based on the subscription you have signed up for.  This total represents the total number of backups under your control.
  • Products - You may be subscribed to one or more Heirloom Computing products, this represents the total number of products to which you may subscribe if you like.
  • Licenses - This represents the total number of subscriptions of Heirloom Computing products for you or your group members.
Click on the links in the upper right hand corner of the portlet to change or refresh the view.  
  • icon-minimize.png minimize the view.  You can drag and drop the view to reposition it on the dashboard
  • icon-refresh.png refresh the statistics
  • icon-select.png select (2 buttons) either statistics specific to your Heirloom or Elastic COBOL login ID or your groups
  • icon-close.png close the portlet.  You can reopen by right-clicking anywhere on the page and choosing Summary Portlet from the menu
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