History Portlet

The History Portlet of the Heirloom Dashboard is the way to manage backups for your persistent data volumes (application files and databases) produced to support your production deployed applications running in the cloud. Group administrator users can manage all the backups of the data volumes of all users in your group. Access the dashboard through > Sign In > Dashboard


The portlet contains history, or log, information about all of the current users when selected from the portal's primary menu (right-clicking on the Heirloom Dashboard header).  It contains logging information about another group member when issued from the User IDs Portlet (if you are an administrator).  It contains information only pertaining to a specific volume when issued from the Data Volume Portlet.  And, it contains information only about a specific instance when issued by right-clicking on an instance within the Instances Portlet

Actions cannot be performed in rows within the portlet.  However, a printable History Log Report can be generated by selecting the menu command on the portlet's header.


The portlet and the report generated from it is limited to certain time scales (monthly, quarterly or yearly) based on the amount of information in the report.  Use the arrow buttons on the portlet header to control the information viewed on a month-by-month basis.

Note:  Dates within the portlet are represented in local time based on your browser settings.  Dates within the History Log Report are in reported in UTC time.

Click on the links in the upper right hand corner of the portlet to change or refresh the view.  
  • icon-minimize.png  minimize the view.  You can drag and drop the view to reposition it on the dashboard
  • icon-report.png  generate a printable report in a new window with the current logging information
  • icon-before.png  change the current view of the logging information to one month prior to the currently displayed log
  • icon-after.png  advance one month ahead in the current view of the logging information
  • icon-refresh.png  refresh the logging information
  • icon-close.png  close this portlet.  You can reopen by right-clicking anywhere on the page and choosing Show History from the menu or within the Data Volumes Portlet, User IDs Portlet or Instances Portlet


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