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Use the Heirloom Elastic Scheduling Platform on the Admin Dashboard at or your private cloud (if installed) to submit jobs to a EBP-Plex operating on any number of cloud instances.  You can upload jobs to the scheduler, define tasks when they should be submitted (including tasks to stop/start and define job classes and start initiators).  When EBP is finished with the output it uploads the report datasets back to the cloud, viewable through the Admin Dashboard without your instances running.

To operation EBP in stand-alone mode (without a scheduler), use the EBP System Operators Console.  After your EBP system is running visit the Java EE application server (e.g. Apache Geronimo) or container management server (e.g. Apache Tomcat) application page from a Web browser:

On the home page you will see a link to bring up the EBP System Operators Console shown below


This display shows the console messages logged to the application server's log as well as allowing you to control the basic operations of EBP. 

Note:  Some operations such as defining classes, starting initiators and submitting jobs require the use of the EBP Web services directly available from HTML forms on the EBP home page.

You can also control basic functions of EBP from within the Elastic COBOL IDE.

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