EBP / ETP Integration

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You can submit batch jobs from an online environment.  There are two mechanisms that allow Elastic Transaction Platform transactions to submit a JCL job to EBP.  Both give you access to the "internal reader" and are configured similarly in the ETP Deployment Settings. ETP Spools are configured with the following information:

  • User ID - referenced on the EXEC CICS SPOOLOPEN API to specific a spool owner
  • Protocol -- set to intrdr
  • Destination -- the URL of the EBP submit Web service, including the remote or local server name, such as http://localhost:8080/ebp/submit?class=A
  • Spool Class -- the class of the spool, also reference in the EXEC CICS SPOOLOPEN API
  • Spool Node -- the remote node or (blank) local node reference in the EXEC CICS SPOOLOPEN API

The user, node and class determine the destination in these settings and it is the destination URL that determines the endpoint of the EBP system.

Spools that are closed and reopened serve as job boundaries as does a spool write of '/*EOF'.  Jobs are submitted at transaction SYNCPOINT time up until which they may be DELETEd argument to the SPOOLCLOSE API.

Elastic Transaction Platform also supports CICS VSE SPOOL APIs (REPORT JCL) allowing submission of JCS jobs to EBP via "internal reader". The configuration is the same as above and of course EBP must be configured with classes and initiators of type "JCS".

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