Deploying EBP under JBOSS Application Server 7.1 Standalone

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To be able to deploy to Jboss, the ebp.war needs to be deployed in "exploded" form - as a directory, and not as a war file. The below steps describe this procedure deploying to Jboss AS 7.1 Standalone.

1.  Download the latest listed in the Announcements Announcements

2.  Extract the war file from the zip and then extract the contents of the war file to the directory $JBOSS_HOME\standalon\deployments\ebp.war  Make sure the directory is called ebp.war  Then create a .ebp.war.dodeploy file in the $JBOSS_HOME\standalon\deployments directory.

3.  The server will autodeploy ebp.war contents and this will become the home directory for this ebp instance.



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