Running a GUI Application on Raspberry Pi

Accessing Pi's GUI Desktop

If your Pi is directly connected to a monitor, you can start a graphical session by simply entering:

$ sudo startx

If you want to start a remote graphical session (e.g. access the Pi from another computer), then you will need to do some additional setup. Follow these instructions for Linux and/or Windows.

Alternatively, for Windows you can use your Remote Desktop Connection (RDC). On your Pi, install xrdp.

$ sudo apt-get install xrdp

Then simply access your Pi via RDC.

Starting a Command Console

Click Start > Accessories > LXTerminal


To setup the Elastic COBOL drivers:

$ source $HOME/ec4rpi/

To setup your Elastic COBOL drivers automatically when you start a command console:

$ echo "source $HOME/ec4rpi/" >> $HOME/.bashrc


Compiling & Running the Application

$ cd $HOME/ec4rpi/samples/gfxsample/cobol_source
$ ecc -x gfxsample


The application is compiled and then executed. You should see something similar to this:


You can interact with the application and when ready, click either the "Push Me!" button (which will display your actions in the command console) or the "Exit" button to terminate the application.


Next Step

Click here to see how to deploy and run a Web application servlet under Apache Tomcat.

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