Resetting the license check period for offline use

The Heirloom licensing system checks your license at regular intervals by ‘calling home’ to our servers. 
Once a check has been made the license is only checked locally for an amount of time depending on your license type. 

There may be times when you are going to be offline for more than a day but wish to continue using the product and typically the license check would fail in these cases.

By using the HCILicensing jar file you can force a license check and reset that time period where you’d be required to be connected to the internet.
You may also contact us if you are going to be offline for an extended period of time and we can increase that time period for you. 

This is a different process to handling proxy license checking where you have a machine that is permanently disconnected from the internet. That process can be found here

Steps to force a license check

  • Download the HCILicensing.jar file
    • (if you can't download a .jar file in your browser, but can download a .zip file, see the LaaS release notes)
  • Execute the following commands shortly before you know you will disconnected from the internet.
    • java -jar HCILicensing.jar -f ~/ -r -p hpaas-cbl-sdk
    • java -jar HCILicensing.jar -f ~/ -r -p hpaas-cbl-rts
  •  If you have a EBP system you can also issue
    •  java -jar HCILicensing.jar -f ~/ -r -p hpaas-ebp-rts

Further information about the command line interface to the licensing system can be found here

Offline Operation

Also note that many licenses are rechecked at regular intervals. If you will be offline for more than 24 hours you can operate in Offline Mode or Airplane Mode.  Please see Offline Operation for more information.

Proxy Operation

Once a license file is checked from one particular system it is used by Heirloom products (Elastic COBOL IDE, EBP, COBOL program execution) on that system.  If the intent is to use a license on another system without a connection to the Internet, you can run in Proxy Mode.  This allows you to use one system (e.g., Windows desktop) to check the license, but prepare it for use on another system.  If that's the case after forcing the license check as indicated above export that license to be used on another system with the command:

  • java -jar HCILicensing.jar -f ~/ -x

Copy over to the new system and install it as in your home directory (or the Web server's webapps directory when using EBP or ETP).  See Proxy Checker for complete information on running in proxy mode.

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