Offline mode

By default the license client will check with the license server at specific intervals based on your license type.

However, when you are operating behind a firewall with a proxied license you will also likely be using a grace period so if that check fails you can still use the product for a length of time.

The license client will still attempt to call 'home' however and that can introduce a lag time while the network request times out.

To prevent this you can place the license client in 'offline' mode which will bypass any calls home. 

NOTE that there will be no calls home in this mode so once your license term and grace period have expired the product will cease to function until you update the license by forcing a check or taking the steps to get a new proxied license.

To place the license client in offline mode add the following line to your file:


You can switch between offline_mode off and on without forcing a new license check.


Further information about the command line interface to the licensing system and proxied licenses can be found here


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