SQLCODE -1 after executing a SELECT

I'm running a test COBOL program to verify that I can connected to my SQLServer 2005 DB and select data. The connection works (SQLCODE = 0) on connect, but when the COBOL program executes a valid SELECT statement, it returns an SQLCODE = -1 (negative 1).  I'm using the sqljdbc4.jar driver, and I'm running in MicroFocus compatibility mode.

The MicroFocus COBOL documentation states the following for SQLCODE -1:

"SQL(INIT) was used, and automatic CONNECT failed. Programs which use SQL(INIT) need to check SQLCODE immediately on startup."

Any ideas on why my select is not working? 

Thank you.

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    Ensure the JDBC driver you're using works with the SQL Server version.  For example, SQL Server JDBC version 4 driver won't work with SQL Server 2005, according to the Microsoft site.  Either upgrade your database or downgrade your driver.

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