How to install your downloaded Elastic COBOL product

You are strongly encouraged to read through the 'Getting Started' manual and follow the in-line tutorial. This will greatly accelerate your familiarity and immediate productivity with Elastic COBOL.

You must make sure that your '' license file (sent to you via email) is in the right location, otherwise your product will not activate properly.


  1. Download your product from the portal.
  2. Save the '' file to your disk (we'll use 'c:\tmp' as an example location).
  3. Create an empty target folder for where you want the product to be stored (we'll use 'c:\users\brad\desktop\ecobol' as an example location).
  4. Open the 'c:\tmp\' file, and use CTRL/A to select the contents, and then CTRL/C to copy the selected contents.
  5. Open the target folder 'c:\users\brad\desktop\ecobol', and use CTRL/V to paste the contents of the zip file into this folder.
  6. Right-click on the eclipse.JPG application, and select 'Create Shortcut'.
  7. Right-click on the 'eclipse - Shortcut' file and click 'Rename'.
  8. Type 'ecobol' and hit enter.
  9. Drag the 'ecobol' shortcut to your desktop.
  10. Start the Elastic COBOL IDE via the 'ecobol' shortcut.
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