Setting compile & runtime options in your program template

It is NOT recommended that you change the default templates (so if you haven't done so already, create your own program template).

To change the default compile and runtime options in your program template:

C:\> cd "\your-elastic-cobol-dir\plugins\com.heirloomcomputing.ecd.ui_YY.MM.DD\program_templates\myTemplate"

Or on Linux/UNIX:

$ cd "/your-elastic-cobol-dir/plugins/com.heirloomcomputing.ecd.ui_YY.MM.DD/program_templates/myTemplate"

Edit the "" file. For example, if you wanted to add in all options for producing a compile-time listing file, you could enter the following:


Next time you create a new COBOL program, your changes will be automatically applied.

In this example, creating a new COBOL program called "myProg.cbl" with this template will produce a "myProg.list" file in the "listing" folder as soon as the wizard is complete (which automatically runs the compiler).

Refer to the "" file for the location of the properties files that describe the complete list of options that can be set.

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