Verify my Elastic COBOL, ETP or EBP license without a network connection?

You may need to run the Elastic COBOL Eclipse Plug-in, the Elastic Transaction Processor or the Elastic Batch Platform (Job Entry Subsystem) from  a secure location that has no Internet connection.  Or, you may distribute a COBOL application program with a multi-user license to sites that are behind a firewall.  Heirloom Computing, Inc. requires that you (or your customers) still "check" the license from the production machine and we have created a "proxy checking process" as part of our License-as-a-Service offering.

See the documentation under Licensing as a Service Forum describing the proxy license checking process article .  An example of how this is done, complete with videos, is shown in the End-to-End Licensing Process article. 

The license checking utility HCILicensing.jar is available for download from:

Download the most recent version .zip file and unzip it into HCILicensing.jar.  To determine if your current "" license file contains valid information, use

java -jar HCILicensing.jar -l -p hpaas-cbl-sdk # the Elastic COBOL IDE license

java -jar HCILicensing.jar -l -p hpaas-ebp-rts        # the Elastic Batch Platform license

java -jar HCILicensing.jar -l -p hpaas-cbl-rts    # the Elastic COBOL runtime license

This will generate output such as:

Heirloom Computing, Inc. Licensing-as-a-Service
Cloud Based License and Transaction System

License not checked against server
    Product: hpaas-cbl-sdk
    License Server Will Be Checked: 2014-02-20 23:03:59
    Grace Period: 29days 23hours 18minutes
    Queued Transaction Count: 14

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