Monitor COBOL Variables

This article describes how to monitor a COBOL variable.

There are two methods that can be used to monitor a COBOL variable.


1)Add the variable to the monitor view from the COBOL Variable view.

Right click on the variable. If the variable can be added to the monitor view you will see the "Add To Monitor List" option as shown in fig 1.


Fig (1)

2)Add the variable to the Monitor View from the COBOL editor .

To be able to do this you should be debugging the program and also the file open in the editor should correspond to the currently selected stackframe (Fig 2).




Select/highlight the variable you wish to monitor and right click to get to the popup menu.

The popup menu will display the suboption "Add To Monitor View [ var-name ]" with the variable name enclosed in square brackets (Fig 3).



When selecting indexed variables you can also select the index value to be used. The index value have to be literal values.

If an index value is not specified  or literal values are not used then it will default to the first index for all dimensions.

Refer Fig 4 - 6


Fig(4)  Variable index not specified



Fig(5) Variable Index specified



Fig(6) Variable index is non literals

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