Multiple EBP Step PGMs Referenced from a Single Jar?

   The forum article "End-to-End COBOL in JES" talks about exporting 1 program into 1 jar.  It talks about using PGM=aaa which is found in aaa.jar that's on the EBP configuration settings systemlib1..9

   But, in fact, you can have many programs in one jar.  In this case you run the Elastic COBOL Export Wizard once and reference all of the programs that are to be included.  You don't have to tell the wizard what the "main program" is (or you choose a default one at random). The output would be something like mammoth.jar and contain cssr225.class, cssr226.class, etc.

   You still reference PGM=CSSR226 on the EXEC JCL card and the mammoth.jar can be referenced in any of 3 places:


  1. in one of the EBP systemlib1..9 configuration settings, like systemlib3=/usr/local/ebppgms/mammoth.jar
  2. in one JOBLIB concatenated DD statements at the beginning of the job, like:
    //J111    JOB 111,'me',CLASS=A

  3. in the current job step's STEPLIB concatenated DDs, like:
    //STEP3   EXEC PGM=CSSR226


In cases (2) and (3) the files MAMMOTH.JAR are looked up in directories specified in the EBP configuration settings datalib1..9, like datalib3=/usr/local/ebppgms which would contain mammoth.jar.

Dependent classes (those called by a main program, either your program or built-in programs like IDCAMS or IKJEFT01) are specified on classlib1..9, such as classlib2=/usr/local/lib/elastic_cobol/ecobol.jar

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