Close a "Pending" incident?

File new questions or problems on our support site, > Support (which can be found via the menu icon or in the page footer). Click "Submit A Request" which requires you to login or login directly from the support page.


Go ahead and enter your Heirloom Computing credetials you picked when you registered.  This is the same information you use to download our product or start development or deployment instances in our Heirloom cloud.


Fill out the form there to tell us what the problem is, attaching examples if you have them.  Click on "Submit" to send the incident ticket to us.


We're alerted to a "New" incident. We assign it to someone in Support and it becomes actively being worked on and is marked "Open".  We may ask for additional information and you'll get an e-mail with that request.  You can either reply to that e-mail or log into the system and fill in the form there, attach a file demonstrating the problem, or ask more information of us. 

After we think we've resolved it, we mark it "Pending".  You get another e-mail.  Don't reply to this e-mail (that will re-Open the problem) but instead login as before and "Check Your Existing Requests".  You'll see the "Awaiting your response" button.



If you're not satisfied with the response, ask another question.  If you are, click the "Resolved" checkbox and "Submit".  

Note:  You will only see the "Resolved" checkbox if we have marked it "Pending".  Replying to an incident instead of logging into the support site will revert a "Pending" incident to "Open" status.



We're glad to have helped you!

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