Run the Eclipse ETP export wizard as a batch process from outside of Eclipse

For situations in which one needs to run the ETP export wizard as part of a batch process, use the following steps:

  • Make sure that you have version 15.5.20 or higher version of the Elastic COBOL Enterprise product
  • Create your batch/script file with the following command

<path to eclipse_install_dir>/eclipse/eclipsec -application com.heirloomcomputing.headlessutils.etpdeploy -nosplash -data "[workspace]" [project] [destination] [compress] [license]


[workspace] - path to the workspace that contains the etp project. Recommended that this be provided in quotes in case spaces are present

[project] - the etp project name

[compress] - A integer switch 1/0 indicating whether compression should occur. 

[license] - An optional path indicating the deployment license location where the is located.


For e.g.


C:\EclipseInstalls\Kepler64\eclipse\eclipsec             -application com.heirloomcomputing.headlessutils.etpdeploy                  -nosplash       -data "C:\SampleWkps\EtpWksp"           EtpTestProject                C:\DeploymentStuff\TestEtp.ear              1                 C:\LicenseStuff


  • Execute the batch/script file. 
  • To troubleshoot one can use options such as -consoleLog in order to output additional information
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