Integrate the Elastic COBOL Javadoc into Eclipse

Attached to this article is a recent Javadoc for describing the various Elastic COBOL interfaces embodied within ecobol.jar.  The Java class documentation is available online here.  For example, IDatatype define the interfaces (getters and setters) to COBOL variables that are passed to native Java programs.  IRAC defines the interface to Resource Access Control modules that you might build to replace the default OpenLDAP version of RAC that is distributed with Elastic Batch Platform.

To integrate these into your Eclipse IDE so that you can leverage the auto-completion and documentation features while writing Java code carry out these steps:

  • Right-click on the Elastic COBOL project in the Eclipse Project Explorer window and select Preferences.
  • Scroll down and select Java Build Path.
  • Select the Libraries tab.
  • Click the down-arrow to open up the attributes for ecobol.jar.
  • Select Javadoc configuration and select Edit.
  • Find the location of the Javadoc you downloaded from this page and select OK.


Fig. 1. Eclipse Javadoc configuration for a project-related jar file.

The interfaces to Elastic COBOL classes do not change often and are both upward and downward compatible.  Nevertheless the latest Javadoc for Elastic COBOL is available on the Elastic COBOL download site as:

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