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From a customer ticket:

  • When data and sources are stored in the cloud, Heirloom becomes responsible for back-up and restore. What guarantees can Heirloom give? What are the procedures? 
  • Are there maximum sizes in the cloud for; file size, database size, table size, data upload- and data download size? 
  • When data and sources are stored in the cloud, what (privacy)legislation is applied? USA, Dutch, other…


Data Backup

Heirloom provides for regular backups of all cloud-based data. The automatic backup schedule is daily (for one week), weekly (for 5 weeks), and monthly (for 7 years). Data is "triplicated" (stored in 3 different places) and if one of the replicas is damaged or becomes unavailable, a new one is made from one of the other copies. HCI guarantees this process is followed.

See the "Backup Calendar Portlet" forum article under > Support > Forums > Heirloom Dashboard (direct link for more information.

You can also conduct "immediate" backups of your data through the Heirloom Dashboard. The Backup Calendar Portlet is also used to restore a backup to a running cloud-instance. Once running, you would be responsible for moving data elements (records, datasets, databases) from the restored version to the "live" version of your application. Or, Power Off the current "live" version and make the restored version the "live" version of your application. This is accomplished through the Data Volumes Portlet and Instances Portlet. See the "Heirloom Dashboard" for more information (direct link

Data Sizes

Maximum sizes is based on subscription. For evaluation purposes, the "Heirloom (Linux) Free" product has 125MB or disk storage. The "Heirloom (Linux) for Amazon EC2" and "Heirloom (Windows) for Amazon EC2" provide 10GB per core of CPU power (50 MIPS mainframe power per core). Subscriptions are available for 1, 2, 4, 8 core and any number of instances (each with their own data storage) may be started. Databases may be shared among multiple instances. The HCI cloud-based Scheduler ( ) will start/stop multiple instances as needed during a "batch window".

Data Privacy

Much has been written about cloud security and privacy: 

Yes, the data is stored in a cloud datacenter and, yes, that may be located outside the country where the data is consumed by end-users. However, all data at rest (stored on disk) and in motion (network) is encrypted when using the HCI Enterprise Legacy Platform-as-a-Service.

All cloud data are encrypted with an SSL encryption key. HCI uses its own key by default or you can provide your own security key when instances are started. The decrypted data is only available to running applications in your instance that you start with the Heirloom Portal. Data cannot be decrypted by a 3rd party without this SSL certificate.

Although a government agency may require the infrastructure provider (e.g., Amazon) to provide the raw disk bytes to it, that agency cannot decrypt the data without the SSL certificate and private key held by the end customer.

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