Automatic Job Aging Job

1. Overview:

The Automatic Job Aging Job is a system component designed to automatically purge completed jobs after a specified number of days. This functionality enhances system efficiency by removing redundant data and optimizing storage usage. The job is configured with three main properties: maxjobage, maxjobagefrequencyindays, and maxjobagestarttime, which respectively define the maximum age of jobs to be purged, the frequency of job execution, and the start time of job execution within a day.

2. Properties:


Description: Defines the maximum age (in days) of completed jobs to be purged.
Data Type: Integer
Default Value: 0 (Which means never purge)
Example: maxjobage = 30 (Tasks older than 30 days will be purged)


Description: Specifies the frequency (in days) at which the purging job should run.
Data Type: Integer
Default Value: 1
Example: maxjobagefrequencyindays = 7 (Job runs every 7 days)


Description: Defines the time of day when the purging job should start its execution.
Data Type: Integer
Default Value: 2
Example: ebp.maxjobagestarttime = 2 (Job starts at 2:00 AM)

3. Execution:

  • Start the job execution at the defined time every day(s) as configured in maxjobagefrequencyindays property
  • Query the database for completed tasks older than maxjobage days.
  • Purge the retrieved tasks from the database.
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