Probe system install requirements

Probe installation requirements follow the system requirements for installing Docker and Docker-compose. 

Please follow the guidelines for Docker installation for Windows and Mac .

The minimum working version for Docker is (but it is proffered to use the latest):

  • Windows
    • Docker Desktop - 4.3.2
    • Docker Client - 20.10.11
    • Docker Engine - 20.10.11
    • Docker Compose -1.29.2
  • Mac
    • Docker Desktop - 4.5.0
    • Desktop Client - 20.10.12
    • Desktop Engine = 20.10.12

The client machine should also be able to accommodate images with joint size of 2 GB.

Below you can find docker volume size used after analysis of an example mainframe project. This mainframe project has 26 921 file count and code size 2.5 GB.

  • Neo data volume: 600 MB
  • Redis data volume: 30 MB
  • Other: 200 MB

Below can also be found the percentage of CPU and memory usage against the configured limit:


More information about resource usage statistics checks for running docker container can be found here:


These are the hardware for Heirloom Probe projects.



  • HDD: 1TB
  • RAM: 32GB
  • CPU: 8 core Intel x64
  • Windows 10 or 11 with Hyper-V enabled (required for WSL and Docker).
  • Network access to the Heirloom software licensing server.
  • Network access to the Heirloom update site.
  • Network access to any required source code repositories.
  • Network access to any required relational databases.
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